Drink Menu


The Dirty Hot Martini    $9
Tito’s Vodka with olive & pepperchini brine. Garnished with Blue cheese olive.

5th Boulevardier   $9
Few bourbon, campari, sweet vermouth and burnt orange peel.

Old Fashioned Craft Cube    $9
A craft cocktail in an Ice cube with orange juice, bitters simple syrup, cherry juice, and burnt orange peel. Drown in your favorite bourbon

Smokin Skinny Margarita    $9
Dr. Stoners tequila, lime juice, chipotle pineapple sour, soda water and a spiced rim.

Bloody Mary    $8
Titos Vodka with a zesty pepperchini, olive and cilantro blend, this house mix has some heat up front but is cool on the backside.

Mule Pack    $9
Stoli Moscow Mule – Powers Dublin Muile – Mi Campo Jalisco La Mule – Absinthe Paris Mulet
*choose one of the above*
w/ lime Juice, ginger simple syrup, ginger beer, lime and mint.

Beer and Loathing

Adrenochrome    $9
Absinthe, sloe gin, grapefruit & lime Juice, Lagunitas IPA

Bat Country    $9
Dr. Stoners whiskey, apricot liquor, lemon Juice, Sierra Nevada Hazy little Thing IPA

Dr Gonzo    $9
Bombay Original gin, lemon juice, ginger syrup, Rolling Rock Pale Ale

Liquid Brunch Weekends

Bloody Mary $5

Michelada $4

Mimosa $6

Bellini $6

Screwdriver $5

Tequila Sunrise $5